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For more than 30 years PCMS, has been a trusted technology partner that has helped businesses all over the world improve their organisational performance by offering a range of agile managed IT services solutions. We have developed a service based approach to IT that ensures critical activities and systems are identified, managed or mitigated, which helps to ensure a highly available and stable environment.

Cloud Hosting

PCMS operates three data centers, configured to deliver a highly available private cloud hosting platform that can be used to host and deliver client systems.

Managed IT Services

PCMS’ Managed IT Services solutions take responsibility for delivering everything your business needs to help support your IT requirements.

Digital Best Practice

At PCMS we believe in total success of a project – not just delivering a solution to time and budget but designing a holistic approach that takes best practice and business process to the heart of the solution.

Change Management

PCMS have a flexible and dedicated team that facilitate and manage change within the IT environment.

Enterprise Monitoring Automation

As systems converge and data becomes increasingly critical to business operations, stability and availability of systems is a prime concern.

Database Support

The PCMS Database Support team is skilled in the management of database environments and offer specialist skills based resources to support and maintain new and existing environments.

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