Cloud Hosting

PCMS operates three data centers, configured to deliver a highly available private cloud hosting platform that can be used to host and deliver client systems.

PCMS continues to invest in its privately owned and managed cloud platform. Through this facility we offer our clients the ability to host their POS, Line of Business, Accounting, Data Warehousing and many other systems within a highly available and resilient environment. We have experience of delivering a multitude of applications from this infrastructure and can offer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS for our clients. We can offer various levels of availability and business continuity based on our clients’ recovery time and recovery point objectives. PCMS has three fully-secured data centers located in the United Kingdom; the data-center environments are continually monitored 365 days a year to offer peace of mind and security. They deliver the provision of highly available, secure cloud based platforms using the latest virtual and mass storage technologies.

VISION Commerce Solutions Hosting

An essential part of PCMS’ business is hosting the back office systems that support some of the world’s largest retailing operations. We have spent over 30 years refining and tuning our hosting solution and have a set of tiered service offerings to suit all customer requirements.

Line of Business

The tools and services that are required to host and manage the technology stack that supports our own POS solution are common to almost any application. These tools and services, aligned with our expansive private hosting offering mean that we can offer a cloud hosting service that supports almost any Line of Business application.


As an experienced hosting provider PCMS understands and values the security of its client’s data. As such all of our IT Services hosting operations are covered under our ISO27001 (Information Security Management) accreditation. We use industry standard devices and best in breed applications to provide Firewall, Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities to provide perimeter protection and adopt an approach where all unsecured external traffic is terminated in a DMZ before being routed securely to its destination. Within our cloud hosting facilities we operate a highly secure, zoned network policy. Each area of operation is secured within its own VLAN or security zone. Where systems (even those internal to one client) require communications between these zones access is limited by port and address to minimize any potential attack surface. Access to our internal network is protected at a hardware level with devices identified by Mac Address. We are fully aware of requirements such as Data Protection and PCI and can accommodate these within our solutions design phase as required by clients.

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