Problem Management

Effective problem management identifies and diagnoses problems to reach a permanent solution.

PCMS offer targeted continuous improvement through problem management, root cause and trend analysis to reduce incident rates and lower your IT support costs. We take ownership of your Problem Management process by identifying, diagnosing and providing permanent resolutions. This differs from Incident Management where the aim is to restore service to the individual user and not necessarily identify a solution.


Benefits include:

  • Identify and resolve the root cause of major/recurring incidents
  • Reassurance that critical incidents are addressed on a 24 X 365 basis
  • Decrease the number of reoccurring and logged incidents
  • Prevent re-occurrence of incidents relating to the identified problem
  • Increase systems availability

Reduce the amount and severity of problems

The objective of our dedicated problem management is to mitigate the risks to your business by utilizing trending and reporting tools so common problems can be highlighted quickly and resolved efficiently. Analysis of root causes decreases the amount and severity of problems to your business and to prevent recurrence of them. The PCMS Problem Management team apply the ITIL management methodology in conjunction with bespoke software to identify and implement solutions.

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