First Line Support

The PCMS First Line Support team serve as our front-line fixers – logging all incidents and managing them through to resolution or escalating them as appropriate.

Our support team are the initial point of contact for 100% of all IT incidents logged directly by your users and manage them through to resolution. Operating on a 24 X 365 basis the team will ensure full recovery of normal operational service with minimal impact to your business. The team can diagnose and resolve incidents via remote support connections and provide ongoing updates to the user during the life cycle of the incident providing full end-user satisfaction. Flexible solutions allow you to outsource First Line Support and keep additional support lines in-house to allow your experienced teams to concentrate on resolving unique incidents. Those incidents that cannot be fixed at this stage will be escalated to Second Line Support.

Benefits of PCMS First Line Support

  • Increase in first time fix rates and customer satisfaction
  • Triage of all incidents logged, determining the priority levels of all calls
  • Reduction in incident resolution times, offers your users the best possible service

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