Delivering world-class functionality from our heritage of grocery and general merchandise built into a rich functional fuel solution.

Propel your forecourt and retail sales operations forward with VISION Commerce Suite.

In fast-moving, high volume fuel operations every single transaction is vital. With VISION Commerce Suite (VCS), your business can seamlessly connect forecourt and shop and unleash opportunities from pump to Point of Sale (POS).

VCS makes everything possible in one transaction. Pre-ordered pick-ups, fuel purchases, quick coffees and dinner choices can all be processed together. Promotions, loyalty, mobility, self-service, email receipts and self-scanning are also possible using our unique capabilities.

The VCS single system approach gives you ‘one version of the truth’; the joined-up information and insight you need to make your margins bigger and processes more efficient.

Single system

Bring multiple systems including Point of Sale (POS), back office and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) together as one. Tens of thousands of products can be housed in a single system. Complementary cash and inventory management solutions, as well as advanced offer functionality, are also available.

Evolving architecture

When you choose VISION Commerce Suite you don’t just have reassurance for today; you have it for tomorrow too. Our architecture is built to evolve. Adding functionality is a simple process, and our roadmap support helps you to adapt to the changing retail landscape.

Localized logistics

The culture of fuel payment varies by region, but VISION Commerce Suite adapts to the location. Whether its pre-pay, pay at pump or no self-serve, VCS keeps you in control of the sale. Language, currency and tax variations are also issue-free.

Fuel-specific functionality

Pump-calling functionality, control of pump start and stop, pre-authorisation and multiple dispensing per pump are all made possible. Better still, all this fuel functionality is simply an additional module of our award-winning retail and QSR POS solution allowing fuel sites to benefit from market-leading technology in driving the higher margin shop sales capabilities

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