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Choose fresh thinking with a VISION Commerce Suite solution and experts who understand Grocery:

VISION Commerce Suite gives you the advanced selling capabilities to thrive in the new world of Grocery retailing.

Our scalable, reliable and adaptable single-system approach gives you everything you need in one place. Comprehensive price promotions, tailored payment options, cash and inventory management, loyalty, Personalized Offers and a selection of mobile and POS options can all be controlled from one central location.

VCS is designed, managed and maintained by our in-house Grocery specialists. Unlike acquisition-built businesses, PCMS has always specialized in the Grocery and retail environment. And because VCS is used in other verticals it includes functionality such as Click-and-Collect and centralized returns.

High performance

Our scalable, reliable solution has been proven to cope with even the most demanding sales. VCS is able to handle the largest and busiest grocery environments – all with proven performance and high reliability for an exceptional customer experience. Flexible configuration allows grocers to react nimbly and be faster to market with new capabilities.

No rip and replace

Legacy systems and existing hardware represent major operational investments. Save the worry and expense of replacing what you have by using VCS to integrate with your existing technology. At a sales assistant level ease of use is also assured, with no new training required for converting lanes from self checkout to manned operations.

Everything in one place

  • High performance
  • No rip and replace
  • Cash and inventory management
  • Single system
  • Convertible lane
  • Integrated fuel and QSR

Cash and inventory management

Know where the money is and don’t be surprised by stock shortfalls. Our complementary cash and inventory management sit snugly within the VCS framework, ensuring every movement is tracked from sales channel to storeroom.

Single system

A single system with endless possibilities, VCS allows your customers to shop on their own terms – be that BYOD, self-scan or manned checkout. Moreover, VCS supports management and operational control of your entire enterprise. VCS also offers unique compatibility with Windows Linux.

Convertible lane

Lanes that rarely get used come alive again with PCMS. Fixed registers can easily switch between cashier-driven POS and a self checkout solution. This drives foot traffic past up-sell displays, while increasing customer satisfaction by reducing payment lines.

Integrated fuel and QSR

The single platform provides seamless flow between all personalities. This provides a better experience for shoppers while lowering your overall cost and increasing agility. Integrated systems allow you to cross-sell and cross-promote across all touchpoints and channels.

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