Customer Engagement

Delight your customer with personal messaging at point of purchase, and indeed, enable them to go that one step forward to scan/pay/go on their own mobile devices.

Personalised Offers

Retailers keen to drive loyalty but nervous about the costly overhead of a full-blown loyalty solution, need look no further. Our Loyalty Lite solution is omnichannel and simple to execute – simple for you and easy for the customer – quickly driving results in acquisition, conversion and retention. Loyalty messaging and incentives can be based on a customer’s purchase behavior or social behavior – and can be one-off, single use offers or repeatable across numerous channels.

Personalised Offers also includes Friend bring friend referral programmes which can be run across all channels. And the beauty of all this, is that our Loyalty Lite and Referral functionality works hand in hand with the PCMS Point of Service solutions. With our open APIs, your channels such as social, consumer mobile and ecom can all tap into the same functionality.

Personalised Offers extends as well to powerful omnichannel coupon wallet tracking and redemption – so whether you are looking to provide digital coupons that are event or marketing led – or whether you have a powerful CRM or Loyalty solution requiring a means of digitally holding and managing real-time redemption of CRM or Loyalty coupons – our digital coupon wallet can provide the technology. The technology is aligned to our Points of Service and with easy APIs can integrate your transaction channels as well as consumer mobile devices – so customers can stay informed – and coupons can be used, and verified on any channel.

Struggling to find an omnichannel and digitally-friendly employee discount programme? Personalised Offers Employee programme could be your answer. Discount levels can be set up by employee levels, channel, and are changeable – including special employee offers or dates. Integrated closely with our Points of Service, the open APIs are easily integrated to your other channels.

Consumer Scan/Pay/Go

Imagine if your customer could self-serve instore on their own mobile phones. Customers who are in a rush to buy those few items at lunchtime – or others who want to browse and check out offers but then don’t want to queue at the end of their journey – imagine if you could offer them the ability to serve themselves and then – walk out.

Our Scan/Pay/Go solution leverages the power of PCMS Engaged Commerce. We tap into the same microservices as our Points of Service, which allow your consumer mobile device to scan products instore, verify price and promotions, and benefit as well from the same basket/cart build functionality. Payment couldn’t be easier. With standard payment gateways, apple pay and paypal. We can talk you through the options of ‘Go’ – how you can trust your customers on the last leg of that self-serve journey – and assist your store employees to understand the process.

We can work with your own in-house team, or your 3rd party app developer, and workshop the packaged micro-services we have available to enable your consumer mobile Scan/Pay/Go solution. Best of all, if there is a problem, the basket is a shared basket – and could be recalled at a till or on mobile tablet for completion by a store employee. How easy is that?

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