Microservices technology

Digital commerce, headless commerce, unified commerce – there are many names with just as many definitions. Our take is this: Leverage our open, microservices technology wherever demand converts to sale. Whether that is ecommmerce, consumer scan/pay/go, or social, tap into the same price, promotion, basket/cart build that our Points of Service reference to convert a visit to a sale.

Headless Commerce

A powerful ecommerce solution attracts customers, engages them, and personalizes the experience. It also builds and creates customer demand. At the point that demand becomes a transaction – tap into PCMS Engaged Commerce microservices to provide a seamless experience for the customer. Key microservices such as price, promotion and basket/cart build can be set up once, and shared across ecommerce, your store estate, and other transacting channels. Why have silo’d versions of price, promotion and basket/cart services, when they can be seamless and omnichannel?
Looking to offer click and collect, but don’t trust your legacy solution’s inventory status? Tap into PCMS Engaged Commerce store inventory microservices for a real-time view of stock instore. PCMS has been building foundation microservices for several years, and the collection of microservices you can tap into is rich and powerful.

Deliver an engaging experience

Maximise revenue and provide the flexibility that every retailer needs. You can further enhance the power of PCMS Engaged Commerce with simple hub integration utilising our Channel Manager that provides comprehensive omni-channel data and synchronisation for full visibility of omni-channel sales, business process, customer data and more.


  • Collaborate with us and learn how our powerful microservices can be leveraged
  • Digital is agile and we believe strongly in collaborating while innovating. Your preferred consumer app developers can tap into our microservices such as Scan/Pay/Go; your ecommerce provider can focus on the demand side of the customer experience, but tap into our microservices for basket/cart building; and your kiosk or virtual mirror partners can also reach out to our APIs for price, promotion and basket build. And it certainly makes sense. These same microservices exist for the PCMS points of service – and therefore, don’t need to be re-created and re- implemented in separate, silo’d solutions.
  • Digital may be agile but it certainly should not be fragile. If you are thinking of dabbling in disruptive technologies, talk with us to deliver a proof of concept that meets key success criteria, but also, takes heed of complexities that trials, pilots, and full roll out entail. Conversational commerce is already a reality – and when functions such as price and promotion checks, or product availability instore is requested – then tap into our microservices. Collaborate with us.

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