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Associate Enablement does what it says. It is a collection of solutions, technologies and best practices that enable your store colleagues to easily convert a sale, surprise and delight customers, and without knowing it – access multiple data points (sources of single truth) on a single, mobile, web page.

Mobility is contributing hugely to an ever changing retail landscape. The sheer range of solutions, formats and devices offer a seemingly endless array of options to make the shopping journey slicker and to help you engage your customer. The VISION Commerce suite has a range of Associate Enablement solutions ranging from endless aisle (elastic walls), queue/line busting and payment.  Click through to the following details on the different solution types VISION Commerce Suite can bring to your omni-channel strategy.


Our mobile solutions are based upon modern HTML5 based platform agnostic thin client technology that’s powered by VISION OnDemand services. This means our applications are able to run on Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices depending on your strategy, requirements and needs. You don’t have to be baked into one technology, but instead are free to choose what suits you. You don’t need servers in your stores as the VISION OnDemand backend can be cloud hosted centrally. Of course, mobile solutions are more than just the software so consideration needs to be given to device longevity and support, and the peripherals you want to use. Whatever you choose, the software will not restrict you. In addition to our thin client server centric solutions, our thick client mobile tablet solution is fully resilient and can run without network or Wi-Fi connectivity, making it ideal for events or pop-up stores.

Small form factor queue busting & payment

Small hand held sized solution with ability for scanning, selling, refunding with integrated payment and card handling. Suitable for quick sale and transaction processing. Limited functionality.

Associate Enablement Flavours Roaming Payment – General Merchandise & Mixed Basket

Our Associate Enablement flavours include General Merchandise, Fashion, and Food Service.

Resilient POS on a tablet

Standard POS application with the same fully functional capabilities as a regular POS, but deployed on a mobile tablet device. The application and data reside on the device for performance purposes. Ideal for pop-up shops and events in-store. Resilient POS on a tablet is also often referred to as thick pos on a thick device.

Associate Enablement – Endless Aisle

Enhance your Queue Busting capabilities with full Associate Enablement that includes Endless Aisle, Customer and Loyalty Profile, and Digital Assets. Endless Aisle, also known as Elastic Walls, allows your store to sell to a client what they would like but is either not stocked in your store, but is stocked and out of the version (e.g. size or colour) they may want. Save that sale and create an order that is shipped to the customer home or work address, or indeed to that store or another store.

Giver you store colleagues the same digital experience when they are selling on a mobile tablet, as the consumer has instore. Surface your product ratings and reviews, client recommendations, Instagram posts, and brand-rich product content on the mobile device for your store colleagues to share and delight your customer instore.

Have your CRM or Loyalty data at your fingertips on our Associate Enablement solution – we can surface important customer profile information from you Single Customer View, Loyalty or CRM to ensure the service you provide to the customer instore, is second to none. Similar to a regular POS but in a thin client, lightweight form factor, powered by central cloud based services with integrated payment. Typically larger form factor (iPad Mini+ etc.)

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