Web-based Store and Central Management

Enterprise wide, web-based product, price and promotion management solutions.

PCMS Store and Central Management are provided to give local management control over aspects of the business allowed by head office – typically local pricing and user setup. They also provide more granular control for Central Management head office users than the ERP, typically in the areas of promotions setup.

Web browser based solutions

The solution can be accessed from anywhere such as head office, branches or even from home. The simplicity of the solution means that the authorized user of the system can stay in touch with their business using a browser to view reports and make decisions to influence their business from anywhere.

Common functional base

With a user specific list of available functions, the business can define who, where and what access is granted to managers in the store or those based centrally. Functionality differs slightly between the store and head office however it operates the same for all users. The biggest point of differentiation is that the store user can only affect their own operation whereas head office users can manage the enterprise.


  • Product maintenance and stop
  • Local,┬ácompetitor price and promotions maintenance
  • Hospitality POS menu maintenance
  • Department maintenance
  • Supplier maintenance
  • Employee record┬ámaintenance
  • User maintenance and passwordsStore specific functionality
  • Cash management
  • Advanced electronic journal
  • Store based reporting
  • Local data distribution to POS terminals
  • Inventory management
    • Forecasting and perpetual inventory
    • Predictive analytics

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