Never lose a sale

Losing sales can also mean losing customers. Stop the churn and add satisfaction with real-time insight into your inventory levels.

Keep your customers loyal

Shoppers who visit your store or website and leave because they can’t find what they are looking for are not just lost sales, they’re potential lost customers. VISION Commerce Suite ensures you never lose a sale because you can’t see your inventory.

Save the sale

Retailers trust PCMS to help them save the sale and deliver a better shopping experience. By putting your channels to work everywhere, with powerful Click-and-Collect, Endless Aisle and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities, you can:

  • Let shoppers buy what they want
  • If you’ve got it, sell it
  • Fulfill from anywhere
  • Put shoppers in control
  • Increase your bottom line

A PCMS customer example

A major Canadian retailer worked with PCMS on a self-scan and Self Checkout solution to enhance the store experience. The solution handles over 20% of all transactions and has improved customer service, reduced checkout congestion and wait times and boosted efficiency. The end result is a better bottom line, more customer loyalty and fewer lost sales.

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