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Improve the customer shopping experience with Personalised Offers and Loyalty Lite

Increase brand loyalty

Personalised Offers includes functionality to build and maintain loyalty lite campaigns. Without the full overhead of tracking customer reward points, and without the annual liability management a full blown loyalty programme incurs – PCMS Personalised Offers is a simpler, and lighter way to encourage customer loyalty.

Simple, one off incentives can be offered to customers, or indeed, series of offers can be deployed triggered by customer behaviors instore, online, or indeed on social sites.

These offers are omnichannel – available for redemption and use across any channels – and real-time.

For retailers with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Single Customer View (SCV) solutions, customer data can be segmented and sent to Personalised Offers to track incentives and coupons. Real-time validation of customer coupons when redeemed becomes simple – regardless of where the customer redeems – through open APIs provided by Personalised Offers.

Consumers can also keep track of their coupons in their digital coupon wallet. Personalised offers has open APIs for Ecommerce, Instore points of service, or consumer mobile apps to surface available coupons – and your consumers can choose whichever incentives they would like to apply.


Personalised Offers is integrated closely to our Points of Service, promotions and coupons modules. The open APIs allows ecommerce, Loyalty, CRM SCV, 3rd party coupon generators, and mobile consumer apps to integrate to, or access the data held in Personalised Offers. Issues around coupon one-time useage, or omnichannel useage disappear with our integrated offering.

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