Personalised Offers and Digital Coupon Wallet

Your customers are your best advert, so encourage them to spread the word by creating engaging rewards for your customers.

Personalised Offers

Personalised Offers provides a Loyalty Lite solution – if you are looking for loyalty incentive building and tracking but without the costly overhead and administration of a full-blown loyalty solution, look no further. Our Loyalty Lite allows you to offer simple frequency programmes such as visit 4 times, and receive a personal offer on your 5th visit….or more complex loyalty building which targets acquisition, conversion and retention.

Or, perhaps you have a CRM or Loyalty solution but need a means of providing a digital, coupon wallet for your consumers that hold your loyalty coupons, verifies the validity of coupons when being used, and tracks the redemption of them over time. Personalised offers can do just that, and with open APIs, provides an omnichannel view of coupons across all of your transacting channels.

Friend bring friend programmes can be a significant acquisition driver. Personalised offers provides simple set up and tracking of friend bring friend – providing options to incentivize both the person who refers, and the friend.
Struggling to digitize your employee discount programme? Personalised offers can be configured to enable omnichannel, digital employee discount programmes. Seniority level is accommodated, as is special employee events with where employee rewards can be constructed for a short period or for long-term employee incentive/benefit plans.

Works with your existing publishing channels

  • Publish the deal on social channels
  • Use your existing email, SMS, newsletters and websites
  • Integrate with third party publishers and member portals

Notifications & vouchers

  • Notifications and vouchers are triggered automatically
  • Vouchers support unique codes, barcodes and QR codes
  • Codes can be generated internally or provided by you in batch or generated automatically
  • You can be notified as a code is given so that you can update your systems

You have complete control

  • Choose the type of deal the rewards
  • Set the rules and the number that you want to give away
  • Choose the colors, the font and the images
  • Set the amount of time for sign up and for redemption – create some urgency!
  • Write the words – say it your way!

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